Last updated on 05 oct. 2021
Published on November 12, 2020 Updated on October 5, 2021
Professor of English and Head of the CeRLA research unit

Areas of interest: lexicology, morphology, word-formation, contact linguistics (lexical and structural borrowing), French/English contrastive linguistics

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Academic qualifications
  • 1998: Agrégation in English
  • 2006: PhD in linguistics from the University of Lyon, Coordinate compounds in Present-Day English (committee: Pierre Arnaud, Nicolas Ballier, Laurie Bauer, Henri Béjoint, Claude Boisson, Michel Paillard)
  • 2014: Habilitation in linguistics from the University of Paris, English word-formation through the lens of contrastive linguistics (committee: Nicolas Ballier, Pierre Arnaud, Laurie Bauer, John Humbley, François Maniez, Elke Ronneberger-Sibold)
  • since 2015: Professor of English linguistics, School of Modern Languages, University of Lyon
  • Undergraduate level: English grammar, English phonology, English semantics, English morphology
  • Graduate level: French/English contrastive word-formation, English Phonology, Grammaticalization and language change, Contact with English
Research activities

Scientific coordination

Upcoming publication

  • Blending, in P. Ackema, S. Bendjaballah, E. Bonet & A. Fábregas (eds), Wiley Blackwell companion to morphology, Hoboken (NJ), Wiley
PhD supervision

Current doctoral students

  • since 2015: Parichart Charernwiwatthanasri, A contrastive analysis of compounding and lexical blending in Thai and English (with Sombat Khruathong, from Prince of Songkla University)
  • since 2018: Chloé Debouzie, The competition between affixation and conversion: Studying lexical class changes in English and in French (with Akiko Nagano, from the University of Shizuoka)
  • since 2019: Sophie Kraeber, Le commentaire e-sportif : caractérisation d'un genre discursif contraint ; étude multidimensionnelle sur corpus oral bilingue anglais-français (with Sylvie Hanote, from the University of Poitiers)