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Published on November 12, 2020 Updated on June 20, 2024

Professor of English linguistics

Director of the Institute for Advanced Study of the University of Lyon -- Collegium of Lyon

Areas of interest: lexicology, morphology, word-formation, contact linguistics (lexical and structural borrowing), French/English contrastive linguistics

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Research activities

Recent and upcoming publications

Structural borrowing (2023), in M. Aronoff (ed.-in-chief), Oxford Bibliographies in Linguistics, New York, Oxford University Press.

Blending (2023), in P. Ackema, S. Bendjaballah, E. Bonet & A. Fábregas (eds), The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Morphology, Volume 1, 251-270, Hoboken, Wiley.

Alexandra Bagasheva, Akiko Nagano & Vincent Renner (eds) (2024), Competition in Word-formation (Linguistik Aktuell series, Vol. 284), Amsterdam, Benjamins.

Nagano, Akiko, Alexandra Bagasheva & Vincent Renner (2024), Towards a competition-based word-formation theory: Core research questions and major hypotheses, in A. Bagasheva, A. Nagano & V. Renner (eds), Competition in Word-formation, 1-31, Amsterdam, Benjamins.

Lalić-Krstin, Gordana, Nadežda Silaški & Vincent Renner (2024), Language creativity, in C. Leung & J. Lewkowicz (eds), The Routledge Companion to English Studies, 2nd edition, Abingdon, Routledge.

Recent and upcoming conference talks

Isms and ologies : étude exploratoire de la nominalisation par déliaison, Nominalisations (a)typiques Conference, Université Rennes 2, November 2022.

[invited talk] Affixization and deaffixization in Late Modern English: Reflections from two case studies, Sixth Linguistics and Data Science in Collaboration Conference, University of Tsukuba, January 2023.

[with Adam Renwick] On the emergence of uninflectedness: The case of incipient verbal inflection dropping in present-day French, Workshop on uninflectedness, 45th Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS), University of Cologne, March 2023.

[invited talk] Is the skyaker the limit? Reflections on the new frontiers of lexical blending, What's in a blend? — Workshop on blend formation, analysis and processing, Federal University of Paraíba, June 2023.

The morphologization of English zilla, from blend fragment to augmentative suffix, 56th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE), University of Athens, August 2023.

[with Alexandra Bagasheva] Towards a holistic view of iconicity in English word-formation, 14th International Conference on Iconicity in Language and Literature, University of Catania, May 2024.

[with Pierre Arnaud] The morphological origins and semantic diversity of English compound verbs, Workshop on lexical and phraseological neologisms in Contemporary English, 10th Biennial International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English, University of Alicante, September 2024.
PhD supervision

Current doctoral students

since 2018: Chloé Debouzie, Competition between affixation and conversion: Studying noun-to-verb change in Present-Day English (with Akiko Nagano, from the University of Shizuoka)

since 2019: Sophie Kraeber, Le commentaire e-sportif : caractérisation d'un genre discursif contraint ; étude multidimensionnelle sur corpus oral bilingue anglais-français (with Sylvie Hanote, from the University of Poitiers)

since 2023: Agnese Pignataro, La dénomination des produits alternatifs à la viande et au fromage en français et en italien (with Jana Altmanova, from the University of Naples L'Orientale)
  • French/English contrastive word-formation, English phonology, Grammaticalization and language change, Research methods in linguistics
Academic qualifications
  • 1998: Agrégation in English
  • 2006: PhD in linguistics from Université Lumière Lyon 2, Coordinate compounds in Present-Day English (committee: Pierre Arnaud, Nicolas Ballier, Laurie Bauer, Henri Béjoint, Claude Boisson, Michel Paillard)
  • 2014: Habilitation in linguistics from Université Paris Diderot, English word-formation through the lens of contrastive linguistics (committee: Nicolas Ballier, Pierre Arnaud, Laurie Bauer, John Humbley, François Maniez, Elke Ronneberger-Sibold)
  • since 2015: Professor of English linguistics, School of Modern Languages, Université Lumière Lyon 2